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About Me

about meA Little About Me…

Hello… my name is Michelle Hoffmann my blog.

I am a renowned digital artist looking to leave my mark on the world. The art I create is unique and original – like me!

Besides being a digital artist, I am also a student of nature, photographer, website designer, writer, internet marketer, ezine publisher, and criminal justice & HSEM graduate.

I am also a Chandler (candle maker), a New Age store owner, and an Ezine (online magazine) publisher as well.

When not working on my art, ezine or other websites, I like to study things as magick, computers, kids, being outdoors, music, Egyptology, archaeology, the paranormal, astronomy, astrology, tarot, palm reading, etc… anything that is, like me, out of the ordinary!

I started this business as just a hobby to get me through the boredom of the pandemic lockdown. I really had no idea that I could actually draw! The first few drawings that I produced proved to me that yes, I actually had a talent for art! My husband told me that I should start capitalizing on my talent, so I purchased an iPad, downloaded Procreate and Photoshop and away I went! I have not looked back since :).

An’ It Harm None… Do What Thou Wilt!

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