Hello :-) My Name Is Michelle Hoffmann

Hello 🙂  My Name is Michelle Hoffmann.  Let me introduce myself – I am a digital artist and photographer, a writer and poet, and an ezine (online magazine) writer and publisher. My works mostly center around nature, magick, and the eclectic. The art I create is unique and original, like me!

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My art career started late in life. With a family to raise, it was not until my last child was the only one at home that I began to focus my career on my artwork. Originally, I had started with pencil and pastels but was talked into trying my hand in the digital realm.  As appreciation of my creations grew, I focused more time on electronic art and have not looked back since.

To date, I have created over 3000 pieces of digital artwork, and, as my following has grown, I have also begun to branch out into the NFT world. You can find links to my NFTs in the menu above 🙂

Thank you for visiting! 


An’ It Harm None… Do What Thou Wilt!